Friday, April 12, 2024

Quick-LockTM Series

Model QL-175

QL-175 is adaptable to either Hook mounted forks or Pin style forks.


The QL-175 has adaptable plates to fit on class 2, class 3, class 4, class 5 forklifts and tele-handlers 2,000 lb. to 17,500 lbs.

Note: Standard system will have the class 4 adapter plate included. Note: Class 4 plate can be substituted.

Note: Adapter plate for tele-handler will have the 6,000 lb. bushings included. (Optional bushings are available to fit up to 17,500 lb. tele-handlers.)

QL-175 system includes: One Boom, one stand, one class 4 adapter plate.

Manual pin vertical adjustment is 75 inches tall to 123 inches at 12 inch increments.

Horizontal adjustment is 54 inches to 72 inches at 6 inch increments. Boom adjusts out to 126” with the optional 54” Maximum Head Clearance/Horizontal Stinger Extension. Boom in stand is 6’ 9” Tall.

Both hydraulic and manual pin models are available. Note: Hydraulic cylinder is vertical only and has the same total height adjustment as the manual pin model.

Optional--Adapter plates for the QL-175 are Class 2 adapter plate, Class 3 adapter plate, Class 4 adapter plate, Class 5 adapter plate and the Tele-handler adapter plate.

Optional--The 54” extension has a total horizontal reach of 126”. (Extension not shown in picture—See accessories.)

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Model QL-400

Pin Style Forks

Model QL-400 Boom

The QL-400 has adaptable yellow bushings to fit on forklifts from 18,000 lbs. to 40,000 lbs. and is adaptable to any size forklift in between just by changing the bushing size. It also has the availability to change the fork back height just by changing the location of the mount for the bushings.

QL-400 system includes: One Boom, one stand, two pin style adapter plates with bushings to fit 18,000 lb. forklift.

Optional bushings are available for 18,000 lb. forklifts to 40,000 lb. forklifts.

Note: 36,000 lb. to 40,000 lb. forklifts require a special hook and shackle. Call for details.

Horizontal reach dimensions are 63 inches to 81 inches. Boom adjusts out to 109 inches horizontally with the Optional Combination Maximum Head Clearance/ Horizontal Stinger Extension.

Vertical dimensions 102 inches to 150 inches. Boom in stand height dimension vertically 9 ft. 2 inches tall.

Optional Combination Maximum Head Clearance/ Horizontal Stinger Extension are 24 inches with adjustments at 6 inch increments. Boom is shown with optional stinger extension.

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