Friday, April 12, 2024

Combination-- Maximum Head Clearance / Stinger

Extensions are available for both QL-175 and QL-400.

  1. QL-MHCSE-175 is 54 inches long and adjustable horizontally in 6 inch increments.

  2. QL-MHCSE-400 is 24 inches long and adjustable horizontally in 6 inch increments.

  3. The Combination--Maximum Head Clearance Stinger Extension is available for both models and has an option for a special ball bearing 360 degree swivel and shackle to allow for maximum head clearance when rigging close to the ceiling or tight overhead conditions.

    (Note: Maximum Head Clearance Stinger Extension is not shown with the 360 ball bearing swivel in place.) The 360 bearing gives the extension maximum head clearance and machine maneuverability.

Complimenting Accessories for RigReady Products



Heavy Duty Aluminum Rigging Supply Box is available for both Quick-Lock Series boom systems--- QL-175 and QL-400. This box makes the systems self-contained. This is a benefit for the riggers. They will have the option of not having to load their forklifts with the booms welded to the forklift and haul the forklifts to jobsites long distances from their shop. They can put their rigging equipment in the aluminum box, put two of the rigging systems on a landscape trailer, drive to the project and rent two forklifts in the area where the project is located. RigReady will install on the rental forklifts in less than 5 minutes. Saving the diesel fuel in the semi, the labor of a semi driver, tying up a semi-tractor, semi-trailer, two of their own forklifts and the wear and tear of all that equipment. Huge savings for the rigging company!!! Box dimensions are 40” x 40” x 38” Tall. (Gas shocks and heavy duty paddle style locks are included.)

Heavy Duty Aluminum Rigging Supply Box Mounted on Stand of QL-175 RigReady Portable Professional Rigging System.

QL-175 RigReady Accessory

The gang box holds 8 five gallon plastic pails to store rigging chain, nylon slings, shackles and assorted rigging supplies. The boxes have keyed heavy duty locks for security. The boxes were designed to keep the chains, slings and shackles separated and organized with the plastic pails. The pails also make a stop check at the end of the day before the box gets locked up to make sure all equipment is returned to the box. (Note: Pails are included.)