Friday, April 12, 2024

The 8 Different markets RigReady supplies.

  1. The Rental Industry –
    Professional rigging booms have been welded on for generations. Up until now, a rental company would have to decide which size, drive or tire style of fork truck they were going to specify as a rigging truck. They would then have to pay to have the fork truck shipped out and have a rigging boom welded to it, investing tens of thousands of dollars in one specific fork truck.  Fork truck manufactures have made fork trucks in different sizes (Class 2, Class 3 and Class 4), different drives (Propane, Diesel or Electric) and different tires (Cushion, Rough Terrain or Pneumatic) so they can accommodate the customer’s changing environments.  The invention of the RigReady Portable Rigging Boom System  allows the rental company to bolt the boom on in less than 5 minutes to any of the trucks in their fleet to match the environment the customer is rigging in. The rental companies now have a better utilization of their capital investment by not specifying one size, drive or tire style to being their only rigging truck. This also satisfies the rental customer by customizing the fork truck and fitting it to the application that it is needed for.
    Scenario:    A customer will come in and want to rent a fork truck with just the forks on it. The rental company will go to the trouble and expense to take off the conventional boom that is welded on the fork truck to rent it to the customer.  A couple of days later a different customer will request to rent the same size truck but needs a rigging boom on it. The rental store has a boom on site, however it will not fit on another fork truck that he has in his fleet.  This results in a lost rental for his store and a customer that did not get product that he/she needed. With RigReady available this will no longer be the situation.
  2. Manufacturing Plants –
    RigReady booms can be utilized in many different manufacturing plants throughout the world.  Lean manufacturing has been introduced to the manufacturing arena in order to stay competitive on a global basis.   With lean manufacturing the machines have gotten closer together to save on floor space. This tight environment has caused headaches for riggers, millwrights and machine repair men to do machine relocations or do repairs on machines in their current locations.  RigReady can solve these issues.  RigReady has many advantages over the traditional fork mounted booms.  RigReady attaches to the carriage of the fork truck gaining 11 vertical feet compared to fork mounted boom.  RigReady booms also have 4 1/2 times the lifting capacity versus fork mounted booms and you don't have to worry about the forks being in the way. The hook on a fork mounted boom has to be out further then the end of the forks to rig safely and properly.   At present, technicians using the fork mounted booms are struggling.  If the technicians are struggling because of the shortfalls of the fork mounted booms there are bound to be accidents and frustrations.  RigReady is the answer to all these problems. The manufacturing plant engineers are instructed to save money and are keeping many of their projects in house.  Having a RigReady System on hand so the onsite technicians can use for new machine installation, rearrange existing machines, general maintenance or for production breakdowns would result in safer projects and less downtime. RigReady is portable and now available to the manufacturing plants.

  3. Conveyor Installers –
    Conveyor installers can use the RigReady System to install under floor conveyors, on floor conveyors and overhead conveyors.  Many overhead paint line conveyor drives and chains are mounted directly to the ceiling trusses of typical manufacturing plants which are 25 ft. from the floor to bottom of the truss. RigReady can handle all of these applications with ease.

  4. Material Handling Installers –
    Material Handling Installers can use the RigReady System to install the many machines that are involved to create a production line that is required to move the production of the manufactured parts on an assembly line.
  5. The Construction Industry –
    The construction industry can utilize the RigReady System to set steel on commercial buildings and set trusses with rough terrain, straight mast fork trucks and telehandlers.  With RigReady you gain an additional 11 vertical feet.  For example, if you have a 56 ft. telehandler, add the RigReady and you now have a 67 ft. telehandler.  This will get the steel up another full story and the riggers will not have to hand rig the steel up another story resulting in saved labor cost. The booms can also be utilized for setting steel post on steel buildings.
  6. Demolition Companies –
    Demolition companies can use the RigReady System to disassemble the many machines, steel and buildings that they demolish in their everyday task.  They can also save on the transporting of their own fork trucks and instead rent fork trucks in the area that the project is in.
  7. Landscapers –
    Landscapers can mount the RigReady System to a skid steer and install tall fence posts while doing commercial landscaping projects.
  8. Professional Riggers –
    Professional riggers now have an alternative and an advantage to the permanent welded on rigging booms that they currently have on their fork trucks. The two major advantages for the professional riggers are as follows.

    A. Professional riggers have to go into food manufacturing plants to move machines. Most riggers presently have their booms welded to either diesel or propane fueled fork trucks. The food industry requires the use of electric trucks rather than propane or diesel trucks due to the contamination that could result from the fumes absorbed into the flour and food.  They can rent an electric truck, but are confined to use fork mounted booms.  If the machine they are moving is too large for an electric truck, they will have to use a diesel or propane truck and have to wait until the weekend to do the job because they don’t want to shut down production because of the fumes.  If they go in on the weekend they still have to seal the area off where the flour and food is stored.  By using the RigReady portable professional boom system the riggers can bolt the boom onto an electric fork truck the size that will handle the weight of the machine and be able to do the project during the week saving on labor cost to the food manufacturing company.  By using an electric truck with the RigReady system the rigger will also not have to seal off the area resulting in an additional saved labor and material cost to the manufacturing plant. The RigReady booms can also be utilized in the many paint shops where they require electric trucks that have the explosion proof upgrade on the fork truck.

    B. Professional riggers have heard for years from the employing companies that are having the machines relocated many miles away. The company will say,   “Don't bother quoting the unloading of the machines to where the machines are going.  We know that you can't be competitive because you have the expense of transporting your equipment all the way to where the machines are being relocated.”   By doing this, the employing company usually sacrifices safety and also risks machine downtime in exchange for price.  It is safer and you have less machine downtime if you let the people that have found the balance points of the machines and rigged the machines through the plant and onto the semi-trucks.  To hire someone at the other end to rig the machines the company has a greater chance of machine damage, machine downtime and someone getting hurt.  This is especially true when the company employing the riggers have a window of opportunity to get the machines back up and running to satisfy the production parts of the machines that are being moved. The riggers can now put two of the RigReady Systems on a landscape trailer and pull the trailer behind their rigging truck, rent two fork trucks in the area where the machines are being relocated. This saves the cost and equipment tied up of two fork trucks, two semi tractors, two semi-trailers, wages for two semi-truck drivers there and back, fuel and wear and tear on all that equipment.  This is a huge savings let alone the ability to compete with a rigger that is a thousand miles away.  With the RigReady System the riggers can offer the employing company a competitive price with safety and machine downtime at the forefront. The rigger can offer all of this and still increase his bottom line.

These are just a few of the examples of why we developed the RigReady Portable Professional Rigging Boom System.

You can see the many advantages of making a professional rigging boom system portable. RigReady is the first and only portable professional rigging boom system available.  With the invention of RigReady the days of welding on a conventional rigging boom and dedicating that one specific fork truck as a rigging truck are gone. By making the booms portable, all of the companies above will get the most out of their capital investment. Making the booms portable and as versatile as they are to fit onto all the fork trucks and telehandlers is a great asset and capital savings.   Fork truck manufactures recognized a long time ago that they had to make a variety of fork truck sizes, drives and tire styles to suit the end user’s needs.  Now rigging clients can have that same advantage and adaptability to mount the booms to whichever truck fits their particular situation and environment.

We currently have RigReady designed to fit onto 16 different size,drive or tire style of trucks to utilize your entire fleet of fork trucks and cover 8 different markets.


Professional Rigging Boom Systems have the superior product advantage to enable you to offer an excellent product to your customers for rental sales and retail sales to the many different markets that the RigReady System enhances.