Friday, February 21, 2020
RigReady is a family owned business focused on offering high quality rigging boom systems while building lasting relationships with our customers. We pride ourselves on our one of a kind product line and our outstanding customer service.
Unique Engineering, LLC was founded in 2009 with the invention of one product, “The RigReady” Rigging Boom attachment.  The founder and owner of the company invented the Rig Ready Rigging Boom attachment after realizing a need in the industrial market for a quick release rigging boom that did not need to be welded onto the fork truck and is OSHA COMPLIANT!!


To have a boom meet OSHA Compliance the boom HAS to be approved by the manufacturer of the forklift the boom is mounted to.  RigReady is already approved by the major forklift manufacturers and they will issue a new rating tag to permanently mount to your forklift. Currently the large manufacturers are not letting riggers on their facilities with the booms they have on their forklifts if they are not OSHA COMPLIANT.  RigReady is the SOLUTION and will ELIMINATE these hassles.

The owner has been in the manufacturing world since 1971. He has had forty plus years of rigging experience in many different applications including the assembly, moving and removal of production and conveyor lines of car plants, appliance assembly, office furniture, paints, chemicals and many more. From 2004-2010 he was the Owner/President of Unique Contracting Services, Inc., which was a Multi-Trade Company specializing in the turnkey installation, removal and the moving of high volume automated production lines. This company owned several rigging trucks to assist with these workloads. Through these years of experience, it became apparent to the Owner that the RigReady rigging boom System could be utilized in the following industries: Rental industry, manufacturing plants, construction industry, conveyor installers, material handling contractors and professional riggers.

Today Unique Engineering, LLC has a line of products that compliment and expands the RigReady Rigging Boom System and also has developed some new ideas to make the light duty booms safer and more versatile for the industry.

RigReady: The Smarter Choice!!