Friday, April 12, 2024


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Rigready offers two industry FIRSTS

  1. Rigready is the first and only portable professional rigging boom system on the market that is interchangeable with different brands and size forklifts.


  2. Rigready is the first and only professional rigging boom system to be rated by the major forklift manufactures on the forklifts that they manufacture which makes the forklift and boom system OSHA COMPLIANT!!.

Never before RigReady has this ever been available with any other rigging boom!!

No longer do you have to weld on a rigging boom saving you tens of thousands of dollars in capital invested designating one specific style or class of truck to be a rigging truck.

Now you can put the rigready rigging boom system onto the correct forklift to meet your customers rigging environment as the forklift manufactures have intended. With the many different style and class of forklifts they manufacture you will be able to utilize your entire rental fleet efficiently.