Friday, April 12, 2024

There is a new company in town that is making rig booming BOOM! Thanks to RigReady you can now turn your forklift into a versatile rigging boom in less than 5 minutes. Rigready is revolutionizing the rigging boom attachment market with its OSHA compliant, portable and strategically designed attachments that save you time, labor and money.

Innovation Meets Versatility

RigReady is transforming the way fork truck rigging attachments are made. This fork truck attachment company has taken a more customizable approach with innovative design options that make moving RigReady booms between different sizes and different fork- truck manufactures easy and painless. RigReady offers interchangeable plates that bolt directly onto the fork truck carriage, which allows the forklift and the RigReady boom to interconnect and operate as one. This patented rigging system has the most versatile fork truck attachments on the market today!

Safety First

With safety as the company’s number one priority, RigReady inventor and owner, Dave Balcom has made great strides in the fork truck attachment industry. With Dave’s background as a corporate maintenance supervisor and an owner of a heaving rigging and machinery moving company, he realized that there was a need for attachments that would be both safe and easy for employees to use inside the plant and out in the field. Dave started RigReady in 2009, after he realized that the old school rigging booms were unsafe, inefficient, timely and costly. With record high Worker’s Compensation injury claims, he felt it was necessary to make a safer, efficient and OSHA compliant product that is FINALLY all-in-one!

For a hundred years rigging boom attachments have been man-made and the receiver for the boom have been welded to the carriage of the forklift. While this may seem reasonable, it has a negative impact on the machinery that it is welded to. For starters it voids out the fork truck’s original manufacturer’s warranty as soon as you strike the weld arc to the forklift. Forklift manufactures will not allow you to weld to their forklifts without repercussions. Forklifts are an expensive capital investment for any company. They can range from $25,000 to $300,000 plus. That is a large warranty to just null and void. Second, once an attachment is welded on the forklift it is now a permanent fixture on that machinery and the forklift becomes a dedicated rigging truck. Dave comments, “You lose the versatility of the truck you just spent tens of thousands of dollars on.” All machines aside, employee injuries can be costly at the time of the injury and for many years to come. Using RigReady will lower your operational risk for employee injuries because the system requires minimal weight lifting, bending and twisting, has numerous safety features built in such as safety stops and a 3-1 safety factor built into the structural design.

Weighing In

Dave also wanted his products interchangeable and OSHA compliant, so he invented a plate system that incorporates different sized plates that bolt directly onto the carriage of the fork truck in less than 5 minutes. By simply changing the plate, the same boom can be used on different models and sizes of fork trucks from 2,000lbs to 17,500lbs. RigReady also has a pin-style model that covers the larger fork truck range from 18,000lb through 40,000lb.

Approval At Its Best

For any attachment to be OSHA compliant, the attachments must be inspected and approved by each fork truck manufacturer. Dave is proud to announce, “At this time the RigReady product line has been approved by most major fork truck manufacturers, and RigReady is indeed OSHA compliant”.

Join, Engage & Lead

RigReady now holds 3 patents on their products and continues to develop more. To find your first RigReady rigging system simply visit ARE YOU READY?