Friday, April 12, 2024

4 Adapter Plates – Allows you to purchase one boom and fit it on to 16 different types of forklifts to maximize your capital investment.

Uniquely designed plates – Because the plates do not stick out past the face of the forks the plates do not have to be removed to utilize the forks on the fork truck.

With available mounting plates to fit three different size fork trucks and 4 sizes of Tele-Handlers the Rigready System covers a wider range of your customers rigging needs.

Bolts on and off in less than 5 minutes – Saves labor dollars.

Footprint is smaller than a fork mounted boom – Allows the user to get into tight spaces that you couldn’t normally fit into.

Is not welded on – Doesn’t void manufacturer’s warranty. No longer do you have to designate one fork lift for just rigging.

Vertical and horizontal reach adjustments – Allows the user to reach further up and farther out.

Comes with a storage stand – Can store unit out of the way while you are using the forklift for other purposes.

Made with T-1 100,000lb steel – A quality American made product.

Quick Release Pin – quickly put the boom in the stand to utilize the fork truck with the forks.

Stand design has two vertical adjusting positions – Do not need another fork lift to adjust.

Engineer certified – Confident all materials and fabrication procedures used meet ANSI standards and specs.

3 in 1 safety factor/Built in Safety stops – Gives you a piece of mind that your team will be safe. Helps to eliminate accidents.

Attaches to the carriage – Allows user to maximize rigging benefits and have greater lifting capabilities.

Approved and rated by forklift manufacturers – OSHA Compliant and hassle free when dealing with regulations and in plant safety standards.

Stand features side loading tubes as standard equipment – Whole unit can easily be loaded onto semi-truck safety and efficiently.

Stand features anti-slip tape – operator safety in oily or wet conditions.

Optional Rigging Supply Box – Makes unit completely self-contained.