Sunday, March 26, 2023

RigReady booms can be utilized in many different manufacturing plants throughout the world.  Lean manufacturing has been introduced to the manufacturing arena in order to stay competitive on a global basis.   With lean manufacturing the machines have gotten closer together to save on floor space. This tight environment has caused headaches for riggers, millwrights and machine repair men to do machine relocations or do repairs on machines in their current locations.  RigReady can solve these issues.  RigReady has many advantages over the traditional fork mounted booms.  RigReady attaches to the carriage of the fork truck gaining 11 vertical feet compared to fork mounted boom.  RigReady booms also have 4 1/2 times the lifting capacity versus fork mounted booms and you don't have to worry about the forks being in the way. The hook on a fork mounted boom has to be out further then the end of the forks to rig safely and properly.   At present, technicians using the fork mounted booms are struggling.  If the technicians are struggling because of the shortfalls of the fork mounted booms there are bound to be accidents and frustrations.  RigReady is the answer to all these problems. The manufacturing plant engineers are instructed to save money and are keeping many of their projects in house.  Having a RigReady System on hand so the onsite technicians can use for new machine installation, rearrange existing machines, general maintenance or for production breakdowns would result in safer projects and less downtime. RigReady is portable and now available to the manufacturing plants.