Friday, April 12, 2024
  1. Bolts on and off in less then 5 minutes.
  2. Will not void factory fork truck manufacturer’s warranty.
  3. With available mounting plates to fit three different size fork trucks and 4 sizes of Tele-Handlers the Rigready System covers a wider range of your customers rigging needs.
  4. RigReady System has a one man installation design saving you and your customer labor by eliminating the ground man aligning the main pin.
  5. RigReady System also gives your clients onsite flexibility to switch from boom to forks in a matter of seconds by just pulling one main pin.
  6. A safety feature of every RigReady System is there are two safety stops designed into the boom. One on the vertical so the operator can not pull the boom out of the vertical mast and one on the horizontal mast so the operator can not pull the boom onto her/himself.
  7. Rigready System offers more versatility by enabling you to install the boom on either an older or new fork truck. Or you can install the RigReady System on either a cushion tire or pneumatic tire fork truck. Whichever truck in your fleet is available.

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